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Climate Change: New Directions for Local Action

February 16, 2015 · Leave a Comment 

LCCN are working with the Climate Coalition (formerly Stop Climate Chaos) on a major free conference on this theme on March 28th / 29th in London (at University College London near Euston). Full details and booking here: This is a chance for anyone and everyone working on local action to come together to look at how we can be as effective as possible during this critical year and in to the future. There’ll be speakers on the run up to Paris, divestment and other issues, along with skill-building sessions... [Read the full story]

LCCN Action

The ‘Low Carbon Commons’.

Our March Conference and survey are all linked to LCCN’s new project – the ‘Low Carbon Commons’. Our Management Board recognises the need for a new approach to local action and we are setting up a programme to support and strengthen the work of local climate ‘champions’ (leaders, coordinators etc.).  We aim to invite around 100 activists (a first tranche) who are running organisations to join a mutual learning and support programme.  This will be a programme run by and for community leaders. The intention is simple: that

  • Everyone who wants to play an active role in local action has the confidence, skills and support to do so;
  • Every community organisation active on these issues has local champions who can ensure that the group  thrives and delivers meaningful change;
  • When individuals invest time and resources in building their skills they get the best possible return.

A longer paper is available here:  (see low carbon commons 7 as attached, insert in the new Clow Carbon leadership page) Does this sound interesting?  If so, please contact Chris Church, LCCN chair, at

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