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Climate Change: New Directions for Local Action – conference report out soon

February 16, 2015 · Leave a Comment 

Last weekend, over 100 people took part in our conference with The Climate Coalition. A report of the conference will be out soon. There was a lot of very useful discussion. One focus was on the ‘Speak For The Love Of …’ national lobby of Parliament on June 17th. Watch this space for more details – more info on the lobby is here.  Read More →

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Local action on climate change – time for some new directions

The years 2007 – 2010 saw a massive upsurge in local action on climate issues. Since then that action has changed and evolved. Much of it has come to focus on specific issues.  There has been a rapid growth in community energy projects; others have developed action around divestment. Many groups in key areas are focused on fracking.

In the wake of these changes, the focus on climate change itself has sometimes got lost.

Other issues may seem more immediate, while energy projects produce clear practical results as well as creating local jobs and income.

But in this focus on specific issues, are we indeed losing sight of the wider agenda? It is of course the case that climate change is a difficult issue to work on for all the obvious reasons. It’s too big, the changes are long-term, and it’s hard to see any impact from our work. There’s ample evidence people don’t want to talk about it. Yet if we don’t talk about this, then who will? Without a strong local focus on climate action we may move backwards.

The Low Carbon Communities Network management group sees the need for a new approach to local development. Our aim is now to set up a programme to support and strengthen the organisations we work with by supporting their ‘champions’ (leaders, coordinators etc.).  A longer paper is available here.  Does this sound interesting?  If so, please contact Chris Church, LCCN chair, at

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